Mellie’s husband isn’t the only person dipping and dabbling but he is the only person building houses, fetching his love in a helicopter and promising to take down B613. It had been a while since we witnessed Olitz in a throws of passion love scene and dare I say I missed it? As the usual fervor and lust was present while President Grant and his forbidden love argued about who needed to be protected more, hurling spitfire aggression toward one another.

But the two were instantly reminded of their deep love when Fitz announced to Olivia, after he had gone on and on about the elaborate cabin, that the place they were standing was the home he had built especially for them. In those moments as Olivia stood in shock we recalled why we fell for these two in the first place. No matter how much time apart or how hard to get Olivia tries to play, she always finds herself back in Fitz’s arms.

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