“Scandal” is land of the flashback and this episode took us fifteen years prior, before Fitz was President Grant and Big Jerry was still alive. We saw up close and personal how Daddy Grant pulled on Fitz in the early days, ridiculing him for being weak and nothing more than a Senator’s son. But it is Mellie who stands in his corner. Even enduring a heinous crime that left us to wonder if she and Fitz’ oldest son is truly just his son…or his brother.

We’re also introduced to a bearded pre-balding Cyrus who also accuses the President in the making of being feeble-minded and whiny and says Mellie must turn him into her full-time job. Thus shedding some light on why she feels the need to rescue and take care of all things Fitz. At the time this law firm partner chose to give up her dream and turn her husband into her charity case.

But the sacrifices Mellie chooses to make go next level when Fitz’s dad Big Jerry violates her one night, in one of the most disturbing scenes of the show. Mellie, in shock from her rape, comes to breakfast the next morning and agrees to keep the horrific act from Fitz and pretend like nothing ever happened….in exchange for Big Jerry apologizing for being a crappy father and encouraging him in his career moving forward. We later find out that ‘Lil Jerry was conceived around this time, leaving questions about who his real father is…

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