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Judge James Daniel has decided to push Marissa Alexander’s bond hearing back to January 15, 2014. The hearing was to determine whether or not the 33-year-old mother of two should be granted bail as she awaits her new trial on March 31, 2014. Marissa’s legal team argued that she is no longer a “threat” to her estranged ex-husband, Rico Gray, as he’s been sending her sexual text messages.

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According to the Florida Times, Gray’s been texting Marissa, asking her if she could continue having sex with him. This happened after Alexander’s second arrest involving domestic violence against Gray and after a judge ordered her to stay away from him. But that didn’t matter to Gray. Marissa’s attorney, Bruce Zimet says that Gray’s inappropriate texts to Marissa prove that she’s no longer a threat to him. “The real problem was between Mr. Gray and Ms. Alexander,” Zimet said. “That no longer exists because the relationship is totally different.”

Assistant State Attorney Richard Mantei has claimed that Marissa should stay in jail because she remains a threat to Gray and their children. Mantei also claims that at one point Gray wanted to reconcile with Marissa, but he’s still in “fear” of her. Fear doesn’t send sexual texts.

Marissa has no criminal background, except for when it comes to her abusive ex-husband. Marissa is charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon because in addition to Gray, his two children were with him when she fired what she called a warning shot against Gray’s threats. Marissa locked herself in a bathroom to get away from Gray and he knocked the door down and grabbed her by the neck, shoving her to the floor, telling her he would kill her. That warning shot changed Marissa’s life forever.

Marissa’s tragic case has received national attention because the controversial Stand Your Ground Law in Florida failed her because she fled and returned to the house where Gray was, and she was sentenced to a mandatory 20 years in prison under the 10-20-Life statutes for discharging a firearm during certain felonies.

I’m hoping for the best for Marissa’s Jan 15th hearing, but kind of setting myself up to expect the worst. Do you think Marissa’s text claims should be considered in her case?

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