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Colorism is a huge deal, both in the United States and across the world. In a colorist society, skin color, unfortunately, has the potential to not only destroy self-esteem, but often leads to discrimination and intraracial conflict.  By 2018, it is estimated that the skin-lightening industry will be worth 19.8 billion dollars. All because unhealthy segments of the population in Africa, Asia, North America, South America and India have been brainwashed into believing “if it ain’t White, it ain’t right.”

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While the complex conversations around skin-bleaching is not new, India’s obsession with Whiteness has reached an all-time low (pun intended) with the release of Clean and Dry Intimate Wash (Freshness + Fairness) — a wash that promises to lighten your vagina while leaving you with a fresh, tantalizing scent.

Yes, you heard me.

According to a new ad, Clean and Dry Intimate Wash will lighten your vagina and make you irresistible to your significant other. Because, you know, who wants to penetrate dark, ugly vagina?

See the ad below:

How gawd-awful was that?

India’s obsession with “fairness” is well-documented, and is being aggressively and effectively challenged by the phenomenal “Dark Is Beautiful” campaign.

Read more from Global Voices Online:

Dark is Beautiful‘, founded by a group of women in 2009, has picked up steam in 2013 especially since award-winning actor-director Nandita Das has become the face of the campaign. Das, who has spoken out against the bias against dark skin in recent years, has been actively promoting the cause in interviews on social media and with mainstream media.

The desire in India for lighter skin is fueled by a widespread belief that dark-skin is ugly and inferior. Not only is fair skin perceived to be a key definer of beauty, but also seen to be an essential element of self-confidence, success, and happiness.

And brands have been quick to tap into this fervor, selling creams, lotions, soaps, cosmetics, and personal hygiene washes promising skin-bleaching. The so-called fairness industry brings in more than 400 million US dollars per year, more than the sale of Coca-Cola and tea in India, according to The Atlantic magazine.

This commercial is a perfect example of the incestuous relationship between White supremacy, capitalism, hetero-patriarchy and misogyny.

Seriously, the thought of women bleaching their vaginas just so some man will have sex with them would be a razor-sharp satirical skit. Unfortunately, though, it’s very real.


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