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Miley Cyrus started out her night at the MTV European Music Awards by taking a cue from Kanye West, and used fashion to give a middle finger to the Hip-Hop by wearing a piece of its history, strategically placed on her assets.  No, seriously–the faces of late rappers  Tupac and Biggie were plastered across her behind along with the words “Please Stop,” while the scanty front had even more images of the legendary rappers, with “Violence” stretched across her lady parts.

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The string bikini-backed dress slash T-shirt was an immediate fashion don’t, although it accomplished exactly what the pop star wanted: it gave her our attention. Miley doesn’t seems to have an issue making people look, but I’m over her antics and like the dress says, girl, “Please Stop” and sit your 19-year-old flat a** down! This skanky, Project Runway gone blind, def and dumb ensemble does not make you any blacker! (By the way, neither does twerking. Neither does dressing up like Lil’ Kim. Neither does those silly Bantu knots.) While Miley’s Biggie and Tupac dress was an epic fail, it wasn’t her only insult that she added to injury. Miley’s brand of rich kid rebellion has many parts and she obviously can’t wait to reveal them all.

Miley Twerking With Little Person:

Her performance, where she used a little person as a prop to twerk on (or what she thinks twerking is) was an epic fail. And her taking out, lighting up and smoking what appeared to be a joint during her acceptance speech for her “Best Video” win for “Wrecking Ball” was the most epic of all fails. Even her segue to mention the unmentionable was forced, “I couldn’t fit this award in my bag, but I did find this,” she said holding up the joint before sparking it up. She’s officially trying too hard.

Miley Smoking A Blunt On Stage:

There’s levels to this Blackness, Miley and it doesn’t include publicly smoking weed a la Rihanna and Snoop Dogg, Lion or Zilla. It also doesn’t include twerking all over the world with random stuffed animals, midgets or Robin Thicke. Here’s the thing, Miley is on a roll when it comes to her version of Black culture and has no intentions of halting her cheeky antics. In fact, her offenses are going beyond color and leading to misguided representations of entertainment.

Everything this girl does is a caricature of what she thinks the Black community represents and her questionable antics are never questioned by the Black rappers who seem to cosign her every chance they get. It’s rappers like Juicy J, Snoop and Trinidad James that mislead Miley into thinking that her orchestrated rebellious actions are indeed “genius,” instead of telling the truth that she’s just doing the most, while offending an entire culture. Last night on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen, Nelly verbalized his support of Miley, claiming he loves her “innocent rebellion” and he even apologized profusely when he thought something he said would be misinterpreted as disrespect towards the “We Can’t Stop” singer.

But here’s the thing Nelly, Miley’s blatantly disrespecting Black culture, by emulating it through her White privilege lens. I don’t care how open minded you are–when Miley states that she wants her music to feel, “Black,” she means nothing else by it but what she said in plain English.

Miley’s disrespect goes beyond Black culture appropriation. She’s living in a bubble where the school of Lady Gaga is law–shock the audience into loving you. From where I sit, it’s working. We hate it, but *in Miley voice* we caannn’t stop…..we woonn’t stoppp. It’s like a train wreck and we can’t turn away. While I’m no longer shocked by Miley’s most attention-hungry acts, I am always annoyed. Case in point–her entire existence at MTV’s EMAs over the weekend. Girl…PLEASE STOP!

What do you think about Miley Cyrus these days? Are you entertained or offended? Let’s chat on Twitter @Rhapsodani.

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