After alluding to inappropriate text exchanges with Phaedra’s husband the rest of the ladies were in agreement that Kenya was out of line but it was Kandi who was still giving Kenya the weary side eye even after the group met to mend fences over sushi and drinks. Kandi was none too convinced with Ms. Gone With the Wind Fabulous’ apologies or explanations about the supposed illicit messages, and we all know Kandi is never shy about her feelings being heard.

It seems as though she won’t have to worry about anyone texting Todd or not liking him except for her mother, who refuses to get behind the couple’s plans to wed. In a heated battle the two attempted to discuss why Ms. Joyce does not care for Todd but honestly she failed to come up with any coherent reason. Saying he should have bought Kandi a better ring and even insinuating that Riley, Kandi’s daughter, isn’t too keen on him. Seems to me the real truth is that mama is used to being number one in Kandi’s life and she doesn’t want her spot taken. Hopefully she can jump aboard this love boat before it sails on without her.

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