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According to a recent Huffington Post article, and a recent study from the U.K., women may be better at multitasking than men. Well, duh!

Based upon two experiments conducted by psychologists at the University of Hertfordshire, the University of Glasgow and the University of Leeds, men and women were compared against one another through a series of computer games in which they were asked to carry out two tasks independently of each other.

According to the study, both men and women performed the individual tasks with the same speed and accuracy, however, when they were later asked to perform two tasks at the same time, women’s response time slowed down 66 percent, whereas men’s response time slowed by 77 percent.

Well, what does this mean?

According to the researchers, the results of the experiment “suggest women are more adept than men when it comes to switching quickly between different tasks.” It also suggested that women were found to be better at some types of real world multitasking, even though they do not necessarily enjoy it, and also lends suggestions that women “might possess a higher level of cognitive control than men-particularly when it comes to planning, monitoring and inhibiting behavior.”

It is always best to not make extreme generalizations, because after all, only approximately 10 percent of the population are deemed to actually be successful at multitasking. I consider myself a great multitasker, but sometimes I can miss small details due to my attempts at getting a lot done with a little bit of time. When I work from home I am taking client calls, checking and drafting emails and doing a load of laundry literally all at the same time.

Do I know many men who can or will do that? I do not, but the fact that I can be a great multitasker does not necessarily mean I am the most effective person. Maybe it is because we as women tend to believe we have to get everything done within a certain amount of time as we balance work, family and social lives. If men are in fact worse multitaskers than we are, maybe we should take a cue from their book and try to slow down?

Rashida Maples, Esq. is Founder and Managing Partner of J. Maples & Associates ( She has practiced Entertainment, Real Estate and Small Business Law for 9 years, handling both transactional and litigation matters. Her clients include R&B Artists Bilal and Olivia, NFL Superstar Ray Lewis, Fashion Powerhouse Harlem’s Fashion Row and Hirschfeld Properties, LLC.

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