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Nicki Minaj’s Costume Is A Tit-Tacular Mess

We get it. Halloween is the one time of year women get to be slut-esque without being shamed but Nicki Minaj took indecency to the next level with her barely there costume. While we’re sure every man (and some women) found themselves oddly wanting to be apprehended, Nicki’s pasties and thong (let’s call it what is) sends a negative message to young girls who might be misguided and think it is OK to leave the house in such a scantily clad manner. It may not be physically dangerous for Nicki, who is surrounded by several bodyguards at every moment of the day, to parade around in leather and cuffs, but for the rest of us who brave the public by ourselves–we probably won’t be so lucky.

SMH. That ain’t no damn costume!

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