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Why end your workout covered in sweat only, when you can collect medals and be covered in mud too! Mud races are the new “it” thing in fitness and people all over the land are getting down and dirty, all while testing their athletic abilities. So if challenges, obstacles and mud sounds like fun to you, then get race ready with these RAD tips.

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Why Throw Dirt On Your Skirt

An estimated two million people competed in some sort of obstacle race in 2012 and this number will continue to soar since over 500 mud-related events are held each year worldwide. So, what’s all the hype about? Well the top reason is that they are fun!

If you like to run, yet find clocking miles boring, then spicing things up with a few dirty obstacles may be just for you. Spanning from three miles to as long as 24 hours in length, there is bound to be a pit of mud that is perfect for you. The most popular mud races today are: Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Warrior Dash and Muddy Buddy (just to name a few). So don’t be afraid to throw some dirt on your skirt all in the name of fitness lady. Sign up for one today.

Messy Training Done Right

Obstacle races require both general and dynamic strength, therefore your training must be just as diverse. I mean really, when was the last time you jumped over fire, climbed under cargo nets and went running with a sandbag on your shoulder? Probably close to never. So here is the deal:

1) Get your core in check. This is where your body’s powerhouse resides and most injuries are related to weak core muscles, so invite more planks and glute bridges to your workouts.

2) Run Off-road. Most races take place in wilderness settings so why train on concrete and asphalt? Hit up some grass and gravel trails so you can practice jumping over some things.

3) Intervals are integral. During the race you will be going from all out effort to moments of semi-rest. Imitate this feeling by adding intervals and especially hills to some of your workouts.

4) Mix things up. Next time you head out for a run shake things up and stop every mile or so for a set of burpees or some pushups. Keep the body guessing and you will be finish line ready in no time.

Dirty And Fabulous

Outside all the glory and fun that comes with mud racing, the camaraderie involved is bound to throw your self-esteem off the charts. Studies show that people who depend on and encourage others in their workouts are often times more likely to reciprocate these same benefits and pleasures in other areas of their life too. So, training for and completing a mud race with your crew can do both your body and your mind good Miss.

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