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The strength of a tree is only as strong as it’s roots and the same goes for your body; the roots being your beloved feet. Foot pain or deviations of the feet are often times the root to many other ailments in the body. So throw discomfort the deuces and learn how to insert comfort with the king of foot care: Dr. Scholl’s

Massaging Magic: Dr. Scholl’s® Massaging Gel® Fit Inserts

Looking for something to slip into your flats one day and then your riding boots the next? Then you should totally step into Dr. Scholl’s® Massaging Gel® Fit Inserts. This ¾ length design provides a comfortable and easy fit–since no trimming is required. The massaging gels feature the Dr. Scholl’s Dual Wave Design™ for cushioning and support and is proven to help reduce muscle fatigue in feet and legs with a flexible arch for added and contoured support. You won’t be slipping around in these babies since the gel in the heel helps prevent the insert from moving around in the shoe. Welcome all day energizing support and cushioning asap sis.

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