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#4 Shake Things Up With A Meetup

Still trying to find something to do for Halloween? Go on a wicked adventure. Meetup, the world’s largest network of local groups, is the perfect go to for those who want to actively celebrate Halloween this year. You and your baby can dress up and go on a spooky stroll in San Francisco with Halloween Stroller Strides, you can up your pace and race in Atlanta on a Halloween Bike Ride, or go on Haunted Halloween Hike in Los Angeles. More than 9,000 groups get together in local communities each day so join in on the fun and find a scary excursion near you.

#5 Treat It As A Treat

Not a meal. Make sure to have delicious, filling and healthy meal before trick or treating. Sweet temptations on an empty or unsatisfied stomach sets you up for a serious binge. This year make your Halloween treats the desert in your diet, not the main dish.

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