3. Fitz, Eli Pope & Operation Remington

The back story of “Operation Remington” and “B613” has been building since the season first started and now it seems as if we’re finally getting somewhere. Remember the “innocent” man that Eli Pope left for Huck to murder on last week’s episode? Turns out he wasn’t so innocent after all. His murder was made out to look like a suicide and only Huck knew the truth. He was buried in the White House’s cemetery amongst other American heroes and when President Grant showed up to his funeral, everyone was slightly confused. How was this man considered an American hero? Jake and Huck knew something was up, but what? It wasn’t until Jake took matters into his own hands, eaves dropped on Eli Pope and Cyrus’ conversation and came to Liv’s office with the information he just found. He figured out that that the man that Huck murdered was an officer on a secret flight that was piloted by President Grant but was somehow missing from his flight records. He also had a tattoo of the flight number on his body that made it look as if he were the pilot of the plane with it was really President Grant. Liv wanted nothing to do with the information that Jake just found, but Huck did.

After Jake left Liv’s office, he and Huck met face to face. They were both under Command’s mind control and decided to join forces to take him down and protect Liv. Liv didn’t realize how serious these two were until they showed up at her apartment door, together! What could they possibly be getting ready to discuss with her!?

Meanwhile, President Grant was on a mission of his own. At the end of the episode, he and his secret service agents stormed into Eli Pope’s office. It was then clear that these two were in cahoots with each other all along. Fitz’s only words to Papa Pope before the closing credits were, “we need to talk!”

Things. Just. Got. Real!

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