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2. Eli Pope Has Mind Control Over Liv, Too!

Not only did Eli Pope have mind control over Huck, but over Jake and Olivia also! Since Jake was still shacking up at Liv’s place and had no idea why he was still alive, he and Liv were worried that Eli would try and come after him, again. Jake made it clear that Liv’s father was no Saint and that he would take out his own daughter if he had to. Jake was determined to stop Liv’s father a.k.a Command before he got to him first and wanted Liv’s help but Liv wanted no parts. No matter how evil the man was, he was still her father and she still wanted so desperately to be “daddy’s little girl” even if it was all for show.

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Liv told Jake to leave her apartment and stay out of her life if he was going to have anything to do with her father and his downfall. You and I both know that it’s impossible for Liv to stay away from Jake, and Jake knew it too because he continued to do his research on Eli Pope and returned to Liv forcing her to listen to all of the tea he gathered!

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