1. Does Everyone Deserve A Second Chance?

Olivia Pope is the queen of second chances (her relationship with President Grant, her relationship with Jake, her friendship with Cyrus, her whole Gladiator team and the list goes on and on) and therefore believes that everyone deserves one. So, when the senator and his wife, Shelly Myers, stepped into her office begging for her help, she was more than willing to lend a helping hand. The senator admitted to his wife and everyone in the room that he had a problem. The only problem (aside from the fact that he was a cheater and addicted to sexting) was that one of his “mistresses” was found dead and he was the main suspect in the murder.

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During the murder trial, Shelly was shocked to find out that the murdered woman wasn’t the only mistress that her husband was sending dirty text messages to, but that he had a whole gang of young ladies that he would sext in the most asinine way! (Because let’s face it, receiving a text from a man saying, “I wanna shave you”, isn’t the least bit sexy in any way).  After a long trial and Olivia basically slut shaming the murdered victim, it was clear that the senator wasn’t the only “suitor” involved in the young ladies’ life, but that she had a couple of “sugar daddies” helping foot the bill for some of her biggest expenses. At that moment, Liv knew that Shelly was fed up and figured that she could use her anger in her favor. She prompted Shelly to go on the stand and tell the truth and explain how she hated her husband, wanted a divorce and that he was a lying and cheating pig but in no way was he a murderer and for that reason shouldn’t go to jail. Once again, Liv’s tactics worked and the senator was found not guilty for the murder of the 24-year-old girl.

Once a verdict was reached, a light bulb went off in Liv’s head. She realized that the senator wasn’t the one guilty of murder, it was Shelly, the Senator’s wife! She followed her husband over to his mistresses’ house, waited until he was gone and proceeded to murder her, not realizing that the Senator had multiple mistresses instead of just one! Shelly’s response when Liv confronted her with the news? “Everyone deserves a second chance, right Liv?” Ah, and the plot thickens!

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