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CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story premiered on VH1 last night, and as we expected, people are coming out of the woodwork trying to capitalize on this moment of fame.

Last week, former group manager Pebbles revealed plans to sue for slander, and now original member Crystal Selene Jones said she’s releasing a tell-all book.

During an interview with Ryan Cameron morning show V-103, the Atlanta-based singer said “the movie was very inaccurate.”

“It brought up a lot of worms I kind of put to rest a long time ago,” she said. “One, we never auditioned for L.A. [Reid]. We auditioned for Pebbles at Seriously Sound Studio, and the song we used was a song that was produced by Jermaine Dupri called “I Got It Going On.”

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Crystal went on to say that she was not kicked out of the group because she couldn’t sing.

“As far as what happened, and I’m sure what everybody wants to know is that, it was based on the contract,” she said. “We’re going through the paperwork, and it’s lengthy. So I turned to Pebbles and I said, ‘Can I take it home and let my mom take a look at it? Because I really don’t understand what I’m reading.’ And she said, ‘No absolutely not, so I didn’t sign it.’”

After the interview, Crystal took to her Twitter account to thank the radio station. “Thank you #ryancameron#v103 for having me today. It means a lot to be able to speak my truth. Salute to #jermainedupri#tlc#RIPLeftEye#truth,” she wrote. “The truth is. Pivotal players were omitted & I am thankful to have been able to shed some light.”

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As far as her upcoming book, titled TLC My Story: The Awakening Of A Shattered Dream,” Crystal told her followers that it’s time she tell her side of the story.

“The same reason why I imagine they did the movie,” she tweeted. “To speak my truth as I know it.”

She added, “Wishing TLC all the best and continued blessings.”

Check out eight other ex-girl group members who can probably relate to Crystal’s story, below.

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