1. Drew Sidora, KeKe Palmer, Lil Mama Channel TLC

Drew Sidora, KeKe Palmer, Lil Mama Channel TLC

TLC is the biggest selling girl group of all time, but that didn’t come without trials and tribulations. VH1 aired the “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story” biopic and put some of those controversies on full blast. Some things were exaggerated, but some things were completely accurate!

2. TRUTH: Was Pebbles Really That Horrible? Yes

TRUTH: Was Pebbles Really That Horrible? Yes

Chilli and T-Boz have openly expressed their disdain for the way Pebbles treated them while they were signed to her label Pebbitone. In the VH1 TLC biopic, Pebbles was portrayed as an unfair boss who robbed the girls blind at by having them sign unfavorable contracts at their young age. Pebbles claimed the film depicted her in a negative light. T-Boz had something to say about it:

“It’s not exaggerated. [When we didn’t sign our contracts] she cried and she did the whole, ‘You don’t trust me.’ That was true. But she had a tear. Remember the tear? We called it a Demi Moore tear. The thing that is true though, she did do some good for us. She put us together. She taught us some things. But then there’s always times when you work with people, there’s always things that you’re never going to agree with and you don’t like their ways. And people part ways, and I don’t think that she ever got over that.”

Pebbles threatened to sue VH1 for slander.

3. FALSE: Pebbles Owns TLC’s Name

FALSE: Pebbles Owns TLC's Name

Well, this one is partially “false.” Pebbles did in fact own TLC’s name. She charged them $1 million per letter to buy the rights to the famous initials.

4. TRUTH: Chilli Had An Abortion

TRUTH: Chilli Had An Abortion

When Chilli was 20-years-old she began dating prouder Dallas Austin while he worked on TLC’s debut album “Ooooooohhh… On the TLC Tip.” Chilli became pregnant, but decided to have an abortion because her career had just begun taking off. “It messed me up. It broke my spirit. I feel like I became not my strong self anymore,” she told VH1. “I feel like I gave in and broke to what someone else wanted. I would break down and just cry because I wasn’t a mommy. I cried almost every day for almost 9 years.”

5. FALSE: “No one makes money until the second album”

FALSE: "No one makes money until the second album"

Pebbles allegedly told TLC that “No one makes money until the second album,” this is false. Artists have definitely profited from their first albums’ sales. Pebbles took a greedy portion from TLC as well as charged them for everything from music video shoots to their first cars.

6. TRUTH: Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Burned Down The House

TRUTH: Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes Burned Down The House

Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes was such a firecracker, when she she claimed her boyfriend beat her the night before. To retaliate, she threw his belongings into the bathtub with a match. She didn’t realize that the tub was made of extremely flammable fiberglass material. Rison lost all his possessions and Lopes was sentenced to five years probation and therapy at a halfway house. She said she suffered from mental and physical abuse.

7. TRUTH: T-Boz Suffers From Sickle-Cell Disease

TRUTH: T-Boz Suffers From Sickle-Cell Disease

T- Boz was diagnosed with sickle-cell anemia at a young age. She was not expected to lie past the age of 30. In 1996, T-Boz could hide her ailment no more and soon became a spokespeople for Sickle Cell Disease Association of America. Despite belief that she would never get pregnant, T-Boz gave birth to a baby girl in 2000.

In 2006, she admitted to having a having a strawberry-size acoustic neuroma on her vestibular nerve, which affected her balance, hearing, sight, and facial movement. T-Boz revealed, in a 2009 interview, that she suffered from a brain tumor for three years.

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