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The controversial police practice called “Stop-And-Frisk” has faced a lot of criticism in the New York City area, but it seems the practice is spreading. This video recently hit YouTube by way of Philadelphia and in it, you’ll witness a “Stop-And-Frisk” confrontation between a police officer and two men after they only said “hello” to another man on the street. “You know why this neighborhood is so bad? Because no one likes the police,” One of the officers claims. “You’re not protecting me when I’m trying to go to work,” The man offers.

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During the first two minutes of the video, you can see the officers approach and force the two men to put their hands on the top of the police’s car. Then one of the officers notices of the men recording and immediately threatens him. The man puts the phone away, but continues to record, allowing us to witness his entire confrontation. At around the 7:25 minute mark, you can heard one of the officers patronizing the man, claiming he’s on the system and doesn’t work.

I understand the need for something like Stop-And-Frisk, but I refuse to wrap my head around the fact that every man of color on the street poses some sort of threat. In the time of Trayvon Martin’s tragic death in his father’s neighborhood, we’re faced with the reality that not every man of color is a criminal. Sometimes, they could be going home, or to work, as was Trayvon and the man who was stopped and frisked in this video.

What do you think about this awful encounter? Sound off in the comments below.

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