Tiffany Cook, The Shady Wedding Planner

Nene met with Porsha to discuss her wedding planning drama. Since Porsha was the one who referred the wedding planner, Tiffany, Nene blamed Porsha for the disaster. Nene was unable to get in touch with Tiffany for weeks and hasn’t seen one sketch since she hired her. Nene was at her wits end with Tiffany but felt desperate because all of the other wedding planners were booked.

Finally, Nene and Tiffany were able to meet face to face to discuss everything and it was obvious the communication between them had been nonexistent.  Tiffany claimed she sent Nene sketches but Nene claimed she didn’t receive anything. After taking some heat from Nene, Tiffany got bold and asked Nene, “why the f*** did you hire me?” Nene’s response? “Because the other wedding planners were busy!” Ouch! It was obvious that Tiffany has never dealt with a Nene Leakes personality before so Little Miss Wedding Planner was definitely in for a rude awakening! Tiffany definitely needed to be more professional but it wouldn’t hurt if Nene could be a little easier to work with. Doesn’t look like these two will ever work together again. Back to the drawing board!

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