Bridesmaids Battle Pt 2.

Tension was still high between Dianna and the rest of the girls so when they they all got back to Atlanta, Nene called another lunch to hash it out. She hoped the girls could talk and make sure that what happened in L.A. would never happen again but, yeah right. When Nene and Dianna arrived to the restaurant,  Marlo wasted no time throwing shade, and asked Dianna why her eyebrows were so high up on her face. Comedy! Of course things escalated from there and it wasn’t long before the ladies started arguing over who Nene was the closest to, who Nene needed in her life at the moment and who was genuinely happy for her engagement. Is this elementary school?

At the end of the lunch, all of the girls agreed that they would try to get along for Nene’s sake, as long as Dianna stopped pretending to be Nene’s security guard. Can someone tell these women the wedding isn’t about them?

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