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Although Pilates has been around for ages; when it became mainstream around the time Y2K rolled in, the fitness phenomenon that help popularize it all was Mari Winsor. However with over 20 years in the forefront of the Pilates trend, Winsor has recently diversified this popular format by teaming up with Gaiam and developing Pink Ribbon Pilates. Designed to help those who are recovering from Breast Cancer and other life-changing diseases heal, this well crafted DVD is also perfect for anyone short on time or anyone who wants to experience Pilates in bite -sized portions. So keep reading to see why this Pilates DVD might be worth adding to your collection.

Pilates & Breast Cancer

Simply put, Pilates is perfect for Breast Cancer patients because it is “one of the safest workouts you can do” says Winsor. Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a daunting and debilitating experience, however physical activity that is not too strenuous yet highly beneficial can help tremendously. Plus Pilates can be instrumental during every stage of treatment.

“Patients undergoing chemotherapy who want to regain energy, those who have finished treatment and want to rebuild strength and relieve treatment side effects, and even survivors who had surgery decades ago but did not receive proper rehabilitation can benefit from Pilates,” says Winsor. The DVD includes four separate 20 minute workouts and comes with a resistance band. The versatility of this unique format allows the viewer to adapt based on their ability level making it a perfect workout for anyone.

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