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The hoodie that unarmed teen, Trayvon Martin wore the night he lost his life to self-proclaimed neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman, has become a symbol of justice for the slain teen. Many people have chosen to don hoodies in memory of Martin, on a continued quest for justice. Celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Diddy and more keep Trayvon’s memory current by wearing hoodies.

Students at Carrick High School in Pittsburgh also wanted to join in on supporting Martin and planned to honor his memory during school spirit week with Trayvon Martin Day, where they would wear hoodies. Parents caught wind of the theme and immediately voiced their outrage, cancelling the students’ plans to celebrate Trayvon Martin Day.

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Huffington Post is reporting that parents were concerned, one parent claiming, “I am a little worried about that with the different people, how they’re going to react.” One student emphasized the importance of the day to a news reporter, saying, “Is George Zimmerman in jail yet?” To which the reporter responds, “No,” prompting the student to respond, “That’s why.”

But the importance of the day was of no concern for the parents and school’s authorities. Trayvon Martin Day was changed to a different theme to celebrate school spirit–Pirate Baseball Day or Bucco Day. Javon Jordon, a Black student at the school who is also on on the homecoming committee claimed Bucco day was the best compromise, “We just used Bucco day to put everybody together as a whole.”

Carrick’s principal proudly stated that the decision to change Trayvon Martin Day to Bucco Day showed a lot of “maturity.” SMH. I totally agree that this was a mature decision, but these kids were forced to give up their support of a national symbol that represents them too. It bothers me that these kids can’t even support a cause while showing school spirit and solidarity.

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