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If you hadn’t noticed by the calendar, then you’ve at least noticed by the crispness in the air. Fall is here and it’s getting colder, a fact that isn’t lost on your hair because, it will undoubtedly react. With cooler weather comes the responsibility of keeping your tresses in a healthy moisturized state. Otherwise, your strands will suffer the fate of many before it and snap off once and for all.

If with each movement your hair sounds like your filing your nails, you’d best recognize quickly that something’s terribly wrong. You need to run, not walk, to pick up your very own SheaMoisture’s Raw Shea Butter Damage Repair Hair & Scalp Serum ($12.99,, so your hair can experience some much needed healing and a little fruity aroma therapy.

With so many moisturizing product options available to us, the question is “what should I use?“

Shea is on my hit list of product must-haves for women with porous hair because it takes no effort to point and squeeze, which equals a lazy girl‘s best friend. Little output, maximum results! We like how that sounds.

Besides nourishing your scalp to keep dry, flaky skin at bay, the combination of the certified organic ingredients in this product – Sea Kelp, Argan oil and shea butter, all work beautifully together to create the perfect storm – seals and smoothes hair cuticles. Restores shine. Promotes hair elasticity and deeply moisturizes hair and scalp.

From now on, when you think of protecting your hair from the elements, think beyond an umbrella and hopefully a to-die- for hat and instead, incorporate easy to use ’Shea’ as the seasons change… your hair will love this decision.

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