Family Drama

If you recall from last week’s episode, things got crazy when Gregg’s children sat down with Gregg, Nene and Dr. Jeff to try and fix whatever issues were plaguing the family. After Damien walked out of the room to blow off some steam, he finally returned and was ready to finish their counseling session. Dr. Jeff was fed up with the family claiming that “nothing happened” when clearly they were all holding resentment towards Gregg and Nene for their parent’s divorce.

Damien finally admitted that he felt like his father was never there for them, never picked up the phone to call them and quite frankly didn’t even care. It was obvious that Gregg’s children were a little scared to tell him how they really felt and Nene made it clear that she wouldn’t be able to marry Gregg until everything was fixed with them. After a long winded counseling session, Gregg vowed to his children that he would be there for them from now on. His children accepted his apology and it looked like the Leakes family was on the right track to fixing their broken hearts. At least for the time being.

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