Looks like Jennifer Hudson has learned a few lessons from Olivia Pope in this new Funny or Die video to promote Obamacare.

In the “Scandalous” clip, Hudson’s character Lydia Cole, who refers to herself as a “covert scandal manager,” travels around the nation’s capitol to answer questions regarding the Affordable Care Act.

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“What’s your issue?” Lydia Cole asks one woman.

“My company’s healthcare, it doesn’t cover mammograms,” she replies.

“The ACA covers preventative care for women’s health,” Cole explains. “That’s it? Girl, go find you a scandal.”

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During an interview with Reuters, Funny or Die’s president of production Mike Farrah said the parody was privately funded with not sponsorship from the government. “If there was ever any money for Funny or Die – which there never was – I’m sure it would have been cut by the sequester long ago,” he joked.

Watch the video below and be sure to check out for more details on the ACA.

Scandalous with Jennifer Hudson from Jennifer Hudson      


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