HB: What was your favorite part of NeNe’s wedding?

Tip #4: Wear many hats & wear them well.

MH: I have two favorite parts. When she walked out, I had goosebumps. She was gorgeous in that dress! I was speechless. I think we both got teary-eyed. You could tell that it brought back memories of her first wedding and she knew it was really happening when she put her dress on. The wedding was my first wedding that I was in. I was also the creative director of the wedding. I had two big hats to wear for this wedding.

HB: What was NeNe’s biggest “bridezilla” moment?

Tip #5: Learn to handle your emotions with grace.

MH: I think every wedding has that. [laughs] Her main problem was “bridesmaid-zillas.” She had her moments and every bride does. You put a lot of different women in one room, you have so many opinions and emotions. There’s a lot—you’ll get to experience it all. I had all kinds of emotions from being a part of this wedding–happy, sad, shy, crying, mad… [laughs].

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