Kelly Mends Her Relationship With The Rest Of The Divas

While they were on the subject of the monologues, Kelly admitted that she regretted not being there to watch the the Divas perform even though she said she would. She was still rallying for her and Dawn’s “Not Your Mama’s Monologues” and showed a sneak peak of the production to the cast. The monologues were extremely emotional as Kelly opened up about being molested by her family member when she was only three-years-old.

After watching the footage, all of the ladies were brought to tears, especially Mo, who still felt a special connection to Kelly despite their recent altercations. Mo explained to everyone that Kelly’s battles in her childhood were the main reason why she was so angry in her adult life. Kelly admitted that she felt betrayed by the divas since they were the first people she opened up to about her past aside from her husband and from this experience, she felt violated all over again. Kelly and Mo continued to talk over their problems and agreed that they were sisters for life! The love between Kelly and Mo must have touched everyone in the room because Kelly then went on to hug all of the ladies and explained why she loved them all so much.

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