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On the latest episode of “R&B Divas: LA”, it was finally show time! Although Kelly and Dawn were not going to be apart of the “What Would A Diva Do?” Monologues the show had to go on and Lil Mo, Claudette, Michelle and Chante were ready to put on a hot show. On the day of the show, the girls were all having second thoughts. Would they be able to pull it off? Could they share their most painful memories with complete strangers? Would they be able to get through each act without breaking down? Find out what happened below.

Missed the drama last night? Watch the full episode below!

Chante’s Monologue

When Chante took the stage for her monologue, she took herself back to her six year old self while sitting in the back seat of her parent’s car and watching them flirt with each other. The point of her monologue was to show the reason why she idolized the image of love and marriage so much. She wanted the love that her mother and father had so desperately that as she grew older she did anything to get it. She then fast forwarded to her first real relationship where she was treated badly and her self worth was questioned. She then ended her monologues with a solo performance that touched everyone in the room! Lil Mo couldn’t help but to stop the tears from falling when watching Chante tear the house down with her song, “Cry Me A River”. She ended her portion to a standing ovation which set the tone for the rest of the night.

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