If you are a fan of Mary Mary and their hit WeTV reality series, then we’re sure you saw this breakup coming. The gospel-singing duo and their relationship with manager Mitchell Solarek has officially hit the fan.

TMZ reports Solarek filed a federal lawsuit against his former clients Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell for commission checks and public humiliation. He claims the singers owe him more than $75,000 in commissions and compensation for publicly firing him on TV.

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According to legal documents, Solarek signed Mary Mary to his Maximum Artist Group in 2011 to help reignite their music career — which he insists he did by booking their reality series and securing over $3 million in deals.

Solarek adds that his broken business relationship with the group has also affected future music, books and sponsorships deals for his company.

Do you think Mary Mary shortchanged their manager? You weigh in below.


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