Dave Chappelle Boo’d Off Stage

Comedian Dave Chappelle had enough of the relentless hecklers in the audience of his Hartford, Connecticut performance. Chappelle, who recently made his return to stand-up just last year, found himself waiting for the predominately White crowd to pipe down so he could finish his routine.

Ebony Magazine’s Lesli-Ann Lewis was in the audience, reports NecoleBitchie. Her reporting differed from other outlet’s, who claims Dave had suffered a meltdown verses struggling to maintain control of an unruly and rowdy group of people.

After engaging some of the heckling politely, Chappelle had enough. “I’ve been up here a while now and I thought it was me but now I ‘m sure it’s you. There is definitely something wrong with you.” he told us. In other words, ‘shut up and let me perform.’ Not many did. Finally, he gave up and took his cigarettes and his water and sat on stage.

The crowd got worse. People were booing, jeering. I heard a woman yell something that was drowned out by a guy near me screaming “DAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE” for the umpteenth time. But Dave hears her.

“Times like this, I wonder where Katt Williams is” He sips his water and stares at us meaningfully. There is a hush. The jeers begin again. When he decided he would not be doing the show, he responded to a voice in the crowd: “I’m going to have to read about this sh*t for months.”

And he will—and none of them will be fair. They will include bare facts; At the Hartford show, Dave Chappelle DID sit down and read an excerpt from an audience member’s book. At the Hartford show, Dave Chappelle did give the crowd the middle finger and tell us that we sucked (“You are booing yourself. I want you to go home and look in the mirror and say ‘boo,’ that’s how I feel about you.”)

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