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It’s official: Kelly Price is to “R&B Divas: LA” what Nicci Gilbert was to “R&B Divas: Atlanta.”

Blame it on shifty editing or whatever, but Kelly Price isn’t exactly the fan favorite on the TV One reality show and viewers have not been shy in expressing their dislike for the “Friend of Mine” singer’s attitude on social media. Well, if anybody feels her pain of course it would be Nicci Gilbert, who was often looked at as the villain on the first two seasons of Divas for in-your-face personality and somethings shady business deals.

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In defense of Kelly, Nicci took to her Instagram account to empathize with her friend’s pain and ask fans to stop saying such hateful words.

Here are a few highlights from her rant below:

“If you are building a brand off of other people’s pain… you’re building a PAINFUL brand and at some point you will FEEL ALL OF IT #thatisall,” Nicci wrote.

“It’s hard to watch people say such horrible things about such a talented woman and friend…BUT TIME HEALS & TELLS ALL @KellyPRice4Real…”

“I see CLEARLY how based on what you see ‘CLEARLY’ you think you KNOW so based on that I understand the REACTIONS AND I TRUST GOD’s PLAN… KEEP WATCHING…”

“I suspect that as a result of me speaking the truth you will see a few more fraudulent blogs, articles, etc., about me soon LOL…#touche.”

“#TheButler made me realize the fight is not over, this time instead of billy clubs and hoses its social media and online bullies #FB #Stick2Gether”

“I woukd rather be broke and jobless than sit back like these women & pretend I dont see this happening. Ive been there so I KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE”

Leave your thoughts below. Tell us, do you agree with Nicci?


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