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On the latest episode of “R&B Divas: LA,” the girls were still dealing with the drama that occurred last week when Kelly completely snapped on Chante Moore during their monologue rehearsal. With time winding down, the girls needed to figure out who they were going to let direct them and which direction they would take. With Kelly Price‘s birthday coming up, the girls had to squash their beef and come together to make a decision, without the Timberland boots and Vaseline this time.

Missed the drama last night? Watch the full episode below!

Drama With Chante

The episode began with all of the ladies, minus Kelly, recapping all of the drama that went down at the last monologue practice over drinks. They were all still shocked that Kelly went off on Chante in the manner she did and knew that something needed to be done if they were going to work together on the monologue. Chante believed that Kelly owed her an apology, but also didn’t think that Kelly would be woman enough to actually apologize. That wasn’t the only issue Chante was dealing with, at the time. A custody battle over her son with her ex-husband, Kenny Lattimore was stressing her out as well.

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