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The best protective hairstyles for natural hair involve shielding the tips and very little hair manipulation, which can lead to split ends, tangles, breakages, and brittleness.

While protective hairstyles can be worn all year round, there are some natural hair styles that work better in warm or cold weather. Some of the best protective hairstyles for natural hair include:

1. A wrap

Celebrities like Solange Knowles uses turbans and wraps to keep their tresses protected. Wrap your head before you go to sleep to protect hair overnight. And during the day, a fashionable scarf is a great accessory to the rest of your outfit. Wraps are particularly great for the winter, when cold, dry air can do a lot of damage.

2. A bun

Low, high, on the side — which way do you like your bun? Tyra Banks is a big fan of the low bun. This hairstyle is easy and simple: Just tuck in a few pins and maybe a clip, and you’re all set. It’s great for the summer as it keeps hair off your neck and face, keeping you cool.

3. Braids

Like buns, braids come in many different possibilities and permutations. There are cornrows, loops, twists, yarns, and more! Alicia Keys is often seen sporting a braided hairstyle. The right kind of braid depends on the thickness and length of your hair. This is protective hairstyle that works in either summer or winter, in casual or formal settings. And you can even combine it with the bun!

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