Looks like karma has come around to bite Pamela Smith in the butt.

You may remember Smith; she was the woman who gave Michael Jordan also most a year of hell by filing a paternity suit that turned out to be a big fraud. She claimed that the basketball legend fathered her 17-year-old son and he owed her thousands of dollars in back child support.

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Well, according to TMZ, the lying alleged baby mama has been fined almost $10,000 for her false allegations.

On July 19th, Jordan got his wish when a judge hammered Pamela … and here’s why — The judge says Pamela FAILED to mention that paternity was established way back in 2003 — and M.J.’s NOT the daddy.

The judge called Pamela’s bogus claim one big publicity stunt, pointing out she hired a publicist before even getting a lawyer … and then dragged Michael through the mud.

She’s been ordered to pay $9,704.13 for Jordan’s legal fees.


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