So, Is Fred Fired?

Since Kelly was M.I.A for most of the monologue planning, the girls went ahead and hired a director, Fred, to produce the monologues. The first couple of meetings went great and Fred planned the layout of the monologue. The ladies all discussed what they would talk about during their sections: Claudette opened up about being raped, Chante opened up about losing her virginity at a young age and the other girls decided they would discuss their marriages. All of these topics were obviously deep and hard for the girls to discuss, so it was important that they fully trusted Fred to help bring the best emotions out of them.

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When they finally arranged for a full group rehearsal with Kelly and Dawn, they weren’t too pleased to find that the group had begin the layout of the show without them. Kelly automatically went on defense mode and began confronting Fred as if he was the enemy. She didn’t trust Fred with all of her business and didn’t want to work with him because she felt like she was out of the loop. Kelly threatened not to do the monologues if she didn’t get it her way while Chante stated that the show could go right on without her! Yikes!

Do you think Kelly is overreacting?

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