George Zimmerman’s life is becoming a ridiculous display of a guilty conscience. Remember when OJ Simpson “got away with murder” and still ended up incarcerated for some stolen memorabilia? I honestly believe in my heart of hearts that his conscience was getting the best of him and he wanted to do his time. Zimmerman has been acquitted of Trayvon Martin’s death for three weeks and his name has made headlines twice already. Once for allegedly saving a family from a burning car and now…for speeding in Texas, with a gun in tow.

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It’s being reported that Zimmerman told the officer that he had a weapon in his glove compartment, Brian Brooks, city manager of Forney, Texas, told Reuters. Brooks continued, “It was a pretty routine stop except for the fact that it was George Zimmerman.”

When asked where he was going, Zimmerman replied, “Nowhere in particular.” The officer seemed perplexed by his answer It seems the neighborhood watchman turned vigilante isn’t afraid of the public who are outraged at his freedom and sheer lack of justice for Trayvon. He’s clearly not in hiding and just cruising around with firearms in his glove compartment.

Even though Zimmerman was just a major player in one of the biggest trials of the year, for killing an unarmed teen, the gun in his glove compartment didn’t raise any red flags and he was let go with a warning, “Just slow down a little for me.”

SMH! What do you think about this ridiculous story?

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