Beyonce, in all her fierceness, began her trek across the East Coast this week for her highly anticipated Mrs. Carter Show world tour. After months of “the struggle” to score decent tickets to one of the biggest shows of the summer, my time to see Bey arrived. I’ve always been a Beyonce fan, ever since the Destiny Child days, but after watching her perform as Mrs. Carter, I officially turned in my fan card to apply for a STAN card. The “Mrs. Carter Show” stormed into Atlantic City, New Jersey and I definitely have to say that I got my life and some!

Let’s start from the beginning…
Newcomer and New Orleans native, Luke James, opened the show and serenaded the crowd of screaming ladies (and a few fellas) with his sexy single, “I Want You” and a couple other songs off of his new album. He set the mood of the evening as the crowd grew in anticipation for Queen Bey to arrive.

It was soon time for the main event .Beyonce and Sasha Fierce– whichever ego she was embodying that evening hit the stage performing “Run The World (Girls)” and kept her high energy up all night, prancing around in gorgeous leotards and dresses while leading her pack of all female dancers (with the exception of “Les Twins” a.k.a. Laurent and Larry Bourgeois) and all female band.

Throughout the show, she introduced herself as “Mrs. Carter” and asked the crowd to address her as such. She showed video interludes of Blue Ivy, her husband, Jay Z, and various home videos she’s captured as most candid moments. She had the crowd belting their hearts out and pointing, “to the left, to the left” during her performance of “Irreplaceable”, doing all the choreography to “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) and hitting a mean Jamaican style dutty wind for “Baby Boy.” She even took us back to her Destiny’s Child days by singing, “Survivor” as the crowd erupted into a strong sense of girl power!

Each song was perfectly transitioned into the next as everyone relived their favorite Beyonce songs from “Get Me Bodied” to “Freakum Dress” to “Diva.” Then she surprised the audience with a snippet of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and flew across the arena to perform on the “Bey Stage”–giving the audience an intimate look. She really got down and dirty, interacting with the crowd, connecting with fans by reading their signage all across the arena and even allowing fans to sing along to some of her songs on the microphone!

With 20 songs and two hours of non-stop Beyonce, I was in compete awe at how she managed to hit every note and dance step perfectly without breaking a sweat and looking as beautiful as ever as her infamous “diva fan” kept her hair flowing. She performed the final song of the evening, “Halo” and bid farewell to her screaming “Beyhive” before exiting the stage in a flash.

Words and pictures don’t do this show any justice. As a true Beyonce fan, I have to admit that this was one of the best I’ve ever seen her perform and I highly recommend this show to anyone who’s in the mood for a great performance. Bravo, Mrs. Carter. You’ve proved once again why you’re one of the greatest performers alive!

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