I found out about lace closures through a popular hair vlogger LakiaStar. I was new to the closure game and was tired of my invisible part (it just takes way too much maintenance). I wanted something natural without having to flat-iron my leave-out everyday. My hair and heat don’t mix well! Not to mention, I wanted to go a different color without dying my own tresses.

After doing a little research I came across countless pictures of Beauties with seamless weaves. I desperately wanted the look and watched tons on tutorials on YouTube (Ivy Powell, Morgan Taylor, Fabulosityisme) that instructed one on how to achieve it. I found out the method is called: a U-Part wig with lace closure. Through Lakia’s advice, I tried MagicHairCo’s Filipino lace closure, which cost me a whopping $186. I wasn’t satisfied with the texture and felt it was too glossy.

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I took back to researching,where I stumbled across a stylist’s page, who was informing the Instagram public that her friend KingAmiyah’s page had been deleted (due to haters, of course). Immediately attracted to her hair. It was freaking ah-mazing, in every sense of the word. This is where found out about LaceXclusive! I took back to my research, navigating the #LaceBarbie hash tag on Instagram, and found that were they cheaper than my previous purchase and looked just as good as any other high-priced closure. I set my mind (and budget) on it and when payday came around, I doled out the cash (well debit).

I decided to try out their 3×5 (12 in) Virgin Brazilian Remy Natural Wave Lace Closure ($90). It arrived shortly later in a USPS mail. I was slightly annoyed that it couldn’t be shipped to a different address then my billing, but I didn’t let that ruin my experience. The package arrived days later and I was more than enthusiastic to sew it in.The hair was soft and the natural black/brown color unprocessed hair normally comes in. The “knots” on the closure were very obvious but a tutorial, found on the LaceXclusive site, helped tackle that:

It took well to the bleaching of the “knots” and the part seemed more invisible than any invisible part ever could. I had it colored by my stylist (Tanisha Taylor) and marveled at its new appearance when it was done. Being the DIY kind of girl I am, I took it home immediately and got to work. After much prep, I installed my wig using the elastic band method, found here:

I installed the closure, “behind the hair-line,” because it required no glue or tape.

The closure is so versatile that I am able to wear it in an abundance of styles:

I’ve had my closure installed for close to two months and it is still as fresh as the day I sewed it in and I plan on dying it again, this weekend. I’ve been to the beach and pool and have yet to have a problem.

What I Love Most:

-The closure allows for versatile. You are not bound to one hair style

-It prevents damage to your own hair

-It’s reusable

-It’s washable

-It’s inexpensive

-It takes color well

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