Martin Control”

Gina accidentally lost Martin’s basketball tickets but found out that Sheneneh had an extra pair! She asked Sheneneh for the tickets but Sheneneh would only budge if Gina agreed to work in her Sho ‘Nuff hair salon. Gina agreed just to get the tickets back, but Sheneneh refused to let Gina work in her hair salon looking like Annie! Gina had to look more professional and by professional we mean looking just like Sheneneh! After Gina got the ultimate Sheneneh hair makeover (complete with a baby hair bang and all), Gina was ready for her first day of work. Of course, Sheneneh’s hair salon was a complete zoo and things took a turn for the worse when Gina attempted to go to work on Myra’s feet and hair! Hot mess!

“Laquita, don’t be bringing me no picture of Whitney Houston because you’re not Whitney Houston, you’re not even Bobby Brown, okay!?”

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