The Couple That Grinds Together, Shines Together

Okay, I hate that phrase too, however it applies perfectly to the Carters. There’s no denying that Beyonce and Jay Z are both at the top of their game. Beyonce is currently embarking on her world tour, The Mrs. Carter Tour, while Jay Z just released yet another album, Magna Carter Holy Grail, and is currently on tour with Justin Timberlake. That’s not to mention the countless endorsement deals, business deals and number one singles that Beyonce and Jay have acquired separately and together (i.e. “Bonnie & Clyde”, “Upgrade U”, “Crazy In Love” etc.). Let’s face it, whatever Beyonce and Jay touches turns to gold!

Both Bey and Jay set career goals for themselves and didn’t let their relationship keep them away from achieving their goals. In fact, it seems as if  the success of their partner motivates them to do better! They don’t let each other stop one another from working toward their goals and they publicly support and encourage each other. Having a partner who works as hard if not harder than you will motivate you to do better and in turn you can motivate your partner to strive for the best as well.

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