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During an interview with the Windy City Times, WNBA Chicago Sky Player, Sharnee Zoll-Norman shared details of her sexuality that she claims was already known. Norman has been married to her wife, Serita Norman for four years, but her sexuality hasn’t been published or publicly known. “I wear my wedding ring proudly; I have matching tattoos with my wife, and also have her name tattooed on me. We go a lot of places [together] and I surely don’t hide it [that she’s my wife.”

While Norman never tried to hide her sexuality, I feel that she’s never really had a reason to make it everyone’s business.

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“I never felt whether I’m gay, straight, bi, [or] whatever that my sexuality had anything to do with me as a basketball player, and I don’t think it necessarily has anything to do with me as a person. If I was straight, I wouldn’t have to come out and say that I was straight. So I’ve never had an official coming-out, or something where I felt I had to announce that I was gay. But everyone knows.”

Norman’s coming out doesn’t come along with a ton of fanfare, but this doesn’t discount the courage it takes to make that announcement official. Gay doesn’t always have to look, walk or feel a stereotypical way. In fact, Norman says, “Gay comes in all shapes and sizes, all races and religions. You should never be ashamed of how you feel inside or out, or who you love.”

Check out what Norman had to say about her fellow gay athletes who had the courage to come out.

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