Each year around this time, we honor fathers of every kind. Happy Father’s Day messages are sent to single dads, stepdads, good dads and even the deadbeats. Everyone has an unique father-child relationship and former “Real World: Philadelphia” star Karamo Brown proves just that!

The 32-year-old recently opened up about being an gay, single dad with two young boys — one of whom he adopted from his ex-girlfriend — in an interview with The Grio.

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“I’m single, I’m openly gay and I’m young,” he said. “So I still have all of these dreams and things that I want to do for me. I’m trying to figure how do to put time aside for myself so that I feel fulfilled, but also at the same rate balance time with my sons and make sure that they have everything they need.”

He went on to say that being a gay dad definitely has its ups and downs.

“The biggest challenge is how ugly the world can be. Even though we’re in a different time students can make rude comments, as well as teachers,” he admitted. “There have been teachers who have said, ‘oh so if we talk to your wife, she’ll understand;’ and they know there’s no wife at home. It’s difficult getting past peoples ignorance and educating them so that they understand and know not to make those comments anymore.”

Brown also reveled that Father’s Day is one of his favorite times of the year.

“Father’s day for me means love and devotion. Literally, every thought I have within the day is about how what I am doing will affect my children. I have never been as devoted to anything as I am to them,” he said “My father loved me and was devoted to me until he knew I was gay and then our relationship went south. So I always make sure that I let my sons know that I will love them not matter what they do or who they become for the rest of their lives.”

He added, ‘There are so many guys that I went to college with that decided to take a different path when they found out that they had a child. Fatherhood is an honor and men should be strong enough to step up to the plate.”

The reality star concluded the interview by saying his family is no different than a traditional household.

“Our family, though it may be different from the outside looking in, we are no different. My household is ran the same way it was with my parents, who were a mother and father with their kids. Love is love and people need to just accept that,” he said.

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