Dominga Martin, filmmaker

“Coming to America was a very liberating movie for me to see growing up, because it came at a time when our culture’s connection to Africa was not celebrated.  It was right on the heels of “African bush boogie” jokes and ignorance of what our ancestors represented.  We did not have Black History in my classes growing up in Boston.  So seeing Coming to America was so special because it finally showed us as Kings/Queens/Princes/Princesses, showed us as royalty and changed our perspective on Africa.  This was also our first African/American fairy tale.  My favorite scenes in this film will always be the engagement announcement dance scene and Prince Akeem’s first arrival to America, which really put the microscope on America from Africa’s perspective. It was ahead of it’s time.”

Dominga Martin is currently developing My First Loves with legendary producer Monty Ross (Malcolm X), having completed a successful first round of Indigogo financing. Learn more about the project on Facebook.

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