The actress says she was redirected to play a smaller role, instead of the lead she auditioned for,

The royal family of Zamunda is making a triumphant return!

Rumors of a Coming To America sequel have wafted around Hollywood for years, but it looks like Paramount Pictures is making it happen. Coming To America is one of those time-tested classics that has a beloved spot in movie-night rotation. Now, fans of the original are one step closer to revisiting Zamunda. According to The […]

From box braids to waves for days, Mayvenn Hair updates classic hairstyles from iconic black movies. Don't miss this cute video.

Vanessa Bell Calloway is celebrating her breakout role in "Coming To America" as Imani Izzi by donning her character's iconic gold sequined dress and high ponytail for a new photo shoot.

Why was there never a Coming to America sequel? Well, the complicated answer involves lawsuits and angry African royalty. Eddie Murphy, who played Prince Akeem in the 1988 classic, sat down for an interview with Arsenio Hall on his self-tiled talk show this week. Along with gushing about the movie’s 25th anniversary, Murphy explained why […]

This weekend marks the 25th anniversary of Coming to America, one the most phenomenal films to come out of Hollywood. The creative genius of Eddie Murphy, the strong casting of actors who were at their prime (as well as those yet to shine), the beautiful script (loaded with bits that have become cinematic karaoke), the savvy […]