Robert Reffkin, Founder, Urban Compass

“For me, Coming to America is all about three moments: when Akeem first sees his wife-to-be at the church event, and ends up throwing a huge wad of money in collection, when Akeem looks at a globe to decide where to find a wife, he sees “Queens,” a burough of New York City, and decides that’s the best place, and the reaction of Mr. McDowell when he finds out that Akeem is a wealthy Prince, and how quick he is to kick the Soul Glo guy to the curb.”

Robert Reffkin’s venture is a newly launched platform that modernizes the apartment search process in New York City by adding social and hyperlocal engagement tools.  The exciting venture has received the support of Mayor Mike Bloomberg who attended the Urban Compass launch event.  He is also the Founder and Chairman of the mentoring program New York Needs You, which supports first generation college students.  Follow Urban Compass on Twitter.

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