Paul C. Brunson, matchmaker and author of “It’s Complicated (But It Doesn’t Have to Be)

“I watched Coming to America for the first time with my family, while actually living in New York City.  Beyond recognizing some of the spots from the movie, what stood out the most was the message of “giving up to get.”  That’s what I took from Prince Akeem’s story.  He was willing to give up everything for Lisa.  It’s a concept many of us don’t fully grasp, especially at a young age.  And there is, of course, the comedic genius.  One particular scene from Coming to America had HUGE influence on me, so much so that it inspired one of my early videos on relationships with writer Helena Andrews. The reenactment we did was my favorite scene of the movie. She’s your queen to be….It kills me every time.”

Paul C. Brunson, who appeared as a dating coach on OWN’s Lovetown, USA, hosts monthly entrepreneur mentoring session online, which will next take place on July 15.  Stay updated by visiting or following him on Twitter.

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