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The highly publicized case of Trayvon Martin’s murder at the hands of self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, George Zimmerman has finally chosen a jury and surprisingly, they consist of all women. The six woman chosen are all White, minus one. The jurors were chosen out of a pool of 500 potentials as they closely watched the case. According to CNN, four alternates — two women, two men, all White — also will hear the testimony.

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Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder of Martin, of which he is claiming not guilty and self-defense. Martin was unarmed and after a physical altercation with the man who was following him through his father’s housing complex, was shot dead.

NewsOne is reporting that, “Circuit Judge Debra Nelson, the judge presiding over the Zimmerman case, stated that she will sequester jurors during the trial. This is a fantastic decision because it will prevent outside influences from coming in to the jury’s decision of a verdict. The jurors will not have access to news, Internet, Twitter, and other information sources that could taint their deliberations.”

It’s awesome that the entire jury of is women because hopefully they will take the sympathetic mom route and serve justice, making Zimmerman responsible for his actions. However, with this case being such a tense exhibition of race in America, and these jurors being predominantly White, we may be facing the type of verdict we don’t want–George Zimmerman is not guilty.

Let’s hope these women look at this trial objectively and don’t let Zimmerman’s sneaky lawyers’ questionable actions of trying to paint Martin as a criminal, cloud their judgment.

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