Drake loves the ladies. This is evident in his music, videos and even during interviews. Drizzy, who never wastes an opportunity to make the opposite sex feel special (even if it’s complimenting her shape, dropping a line about her scent or caressing her neck), made Hot 107.9 host Mz Shyneka “feel some kind of way” after leaving the Birthday Bash stage! Drizzy could be seen air humping the host behind her back! And while most artists opt for shorter dialogue (because their time is so valuable) Drake made it clear that he didn’t mind sticking around to talk to the buxom host and even offered to go on a date for tea!

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This isn’t Drizzy’s first flirting offense, however. The “Take Care” rapper has a slew of hand-touching, soft-spoken, eyebrow raising, occurrences. Keep clicking…

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