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Jurnee Smollet has come a long way from being Michelle Tanner’s bestie. The childhood star is officially all grown-up and is sizzling on the big screen. She returns to TV on HBO’s acclaimed series, “True Blood.”

a + Magazine recently caught up with the 26-year-old superstar and she dished on how she keeps her tresses looking uber-fly, the most challenging part of her character on ‘True Blood”, and how she really feels about being a child star.

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On the challenges of her new role: 

It’s interesting. There’s definitely a level of vulnerability with this character because she starts strong with this desire to be a part of something and then she realizes that it’s nothing she wanted to be a part of at all. In the world of “True Blood” you’re always trying to maintain that level of truth in the fantastical element. That was the challenge for me.

On growing up famous: 

I wasn’t forced to act. And I wasn’t like a famous child star, I just constantly worked. Early on my mom got me more involved with the activist-actor community like Alfre Woodward and Sam Jackson. They helped me stay grounded and I realized I wanted to use my craft for greater good. I don’t care about fame; that comes and goes. And it doesn’t provide any gratification or satisfaction.

On keeping her tresses uber-fly:

Conditioner! Conditioner! Conditioner! That and eating a lot of fish oils. Anything with Omega 3s I try to eat. Also Olive oil is good, hot oil treatments too!

On keeping the fire alive with her husband:

Honesty and communication! And always being each other’s friend. That kicks in when it needs to. You’ve got to have the courage to be vulnerable and if you don’t that’s when the problems happen. I married my best friend. We were friends before we even started dating. I would call him and talk to him about guys I was dating so he knew me inside out before he decided to start dating me, which is what makes the love even greater and more intense between us.

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