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HB’s 5-Star Treatment is a quirky, off-the-wall way to get to know a few of your fave celebs outside of the questions they are usually asked. From breakup remedies to moments of lust, #TeamBeautiful digs deep and gives your fave celebs something to think about with our 5-Star Treatment.

The way Jurnee Smollett-Bell says “huuuuusband,” stretching the “u” out longer so the taste can linger on her tongue is just…beautiful. I don’t know about you, but I love when a woman is so in love with a man that it makes her lips smile when she talks about him. Even though she’s hopping from media outlet to media outlet, promoting her latest gig as Judith in Tyler Perry’s “Temptation,” if you ask her a question, she’ll bring up her man.

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Usually, I’m annoyed by this type of hopeless devotion, but love looks stunning on Jurnee. And it only left hearts and stars in my eyes. She’s happily married to the man of her dreams–Josiah Bell, starring as the leading lady in “Temptation,” and  joining the cast of vampire drama, “True Blood,” Jurnee is winning! Check out my chat with Smollett-Bell about everything from breakups to lust! SPOILER ALERT: She mentions her hubby in every response. It’s sickeningly sweet.

*If I was stranded on a desert island I’d bring…My husband, chocolate and my journal. I don’t have to think about that.

** The one thing that I don’t like about myself… I really have to work on being better with time. I lose track of time so much. I am really trying to work on being punctual. My husband is very punctual. That’s a flaw that I am willing to confess and say I need help with. I take so long in the shower and it takes me even longer to get dressed. I stare in my closet for hours and then end up in sweats.

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