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Lord, have mercy! The drama on “R&B Divas” just keeps getting worse and worse as the girls continue to drift father apart from each other and throw the utmost shade toward Nicci’s direction. Poor Nicci was trying desperately to get her group, “Brownstone” back together for a reunion and decided to throw a charity event as the perfect platform to reunite them. Sounds like a good plan right? It was, until she asked the divas for their assistance with the charity event. Things went left, FAST, as the girls were left feeling manipulated and Angie and Nicci were left in a screaming match! Find out the details below..

Keke Wants More Children

 As if six children weren’t already enough, Keke decided that she wanted to work on having yet another baby. I think Keke is focused on building her own little sports team with her and her husband, Michael as the coaches! Keke was determined to convince her husband that the should have another baby and she was hoping for a baby girl. Keke thought that the best opportunity to try and convince her husband would be during their Walmart shopping run while they carried their youngest newborn, Wyatt, around the store. Keke must love being pregnant considering that she JUST had a baby not too long ago!  I wonder if Michael will eventually come around and agree to having another child…

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